• CrossFit Level 1


  • Bachelor of Music - Belmont University, M.A. in Theological Studies - Asbury Seminary, Currently pursuing a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at EKU.


I started my Crossfit journey in September of 2019. There is no doubt that Crossfit is an overwhelming and incredibly difficult sport. However, I absolutely loved the feeling of pushing through a difficult workout. The benefit to my mental and physical health from Crossfit was and is absolutely worth it. As I progressed, I soon became addicted to the feeling of doing something that had initially seemed impossible, be it lifting a certain weight, stringing together a bunch of double unders, or completing a workout faster than I had previously thought possible for myself. Crossfit makes me better, tougher and stronger in all areas of life and has helped me to push through even when it hurts. That is an invaluable skill, and to be able to push through alongside a community of people who are all trying to better themselves is something I will never take for granted.

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