What Makes Us Different?

Professional Coaches, Fitness Defined, Individual Design


MISSION STATEMENT – To Improve Health, Happiness, and Performance.

MOTTO – Work Hard, Be Kind.

Professional Coaches – All of our coaches are Full-time Fitness Professionals and not just athletes that know a little more than you.  This is all we do!  All of our coaches also utilize the exact same programing you will use to achieve their own fitness goals.  Before you sign up for a cheaper option(s) in town, ask their instructors what they do for their own personal fitness, you might be surprised!  If they don’t use what they are selling, why would you buy it?

FITNESS Defined – We use CrossFit’s definition of Fitness which utilizes The 10 General Skills, the Sickness/Wellness/Fitness Continuum, and specifically training the 3 Energy Pathways of the body.  In our professional opinion, it’s the best definition out there and maybe the only one.

To improve someone’s fitness, we must first define what it is, then be able to measure it, train it, and then re-test it for improvement.  If a fitness program isn’t doing these thing, how do you really know if it’s working?

If you are serious about making change, improving your Health and Fitness, come see why we are different.



We know walking through the door is the hardest part. You take the first step and we’ll FACILITATE the rest.