Masks and 6ft. Apart

Hand washing and wearing masks don’t strengthen your immune system.

Proper Nutrition, Sleep, and Exercise do!

Why is no one talking about this?

Wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart.  That’s all that is being said.  So, does that mean that’s all we can do?

We’ve been trained to believe that it’s normal to be on a handful of daily prescriptions and that things are supposed to start hurting after the age of 30. This may sting, but that’s not normal. If you have high blood pressure, maybe change your diet and start exercising to bring it down instead of popping a pill.  Type 2 diabetes doesn’t run in anyone’s family, eating like shit and making poor lifestyle choices does.  If your car was running poorly because you poor sugar into your gas tank every day and the mechanic gave you 2 options on how to fix it, which would you choose?  Or better yet, which one have you chosen?

Option 1 – Keep putting the sugar in.

If you do, then you’ll need to buy this daily fuel additive from someone who doesn’t know anything about cars and doesn’t take care of their own vehicle.  It still won’t run great, but it will keep it going for a while.  It’s going to make your tires wear out supper quick, the A/C won’t work anymore, and it won’t drive over 25 mph.  If it continues to drive poorly, there are a few other additives that you can also try.  Make sure to read the warning label on the additives. Eventually the car is going to explode and make sure to be super careful while out on the road, any tiny potholes you may encounter will severely damage you’re the car, maybe even total it.  The radiator may start to leak, the battery could stop holding a charge, and smoke may come out of your tailpipe along with some sort of drippy liquid.  No worries though, there are additives for all of those things as well.

Option 2 –

Stop putting the sugar in.  We can introduce you to our mechanic who can show you how to fix the problems your car has.  It will take some time, but we can get your car back to as good as the day you bought it.  Once it starts running good again, we can then refer you to our driving instructor.  They will show you what your car is really capable of.  Did you know it can take jumps and has a top speed of 180 mph!  Also, don’t worry about potholes and other vehicles, they are almost non-existent, your car might as well be a tank!  You’ll also be eligible for auto shows, as your car ages, people love to see vintage cars that still look like the day they were driven off the lot.

I know it’s a crude analogy, but it’s true.  Stop avoiding taking your car to a real mechanic.  Stop living in fear that your car is going to break down.  Get out there do what it was made to do, DRIVE!

What’s that?  If your car breaks, you’ll just take an Uber.  Sorry to burst that bubble, but there aren’t many of those left and your driver doesn’t give a shit if you ever make it where you want to go.  They’ll keep you waiting as long as it’s convenient for them and when they do pick you up, get ready for the longest, bumpiest ride you’ve ever been on.

As my good Rihanna always says, “shut up and drive!”

Eric Karls
Facilitator Fitness / CrossFit Conductor
Chief Awesomeness Facilitator
Level 3 Certified CrossFit Trainer
(859) 494-9119

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